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People Matters is a global community of people and work professionals – a space to share stories, drive meaningful dialogues, and build valuable networks. Over the past ten years, People Matters has grown to include many branches. The year 2020 marked a very tumultuous time for our larger community and for our business, but we took it head on to cover COVID-19 content extensively to help talent leaders globally make right decisions. We also launched a series of tech-enabled and digital-first products to service them at scale. Always future-facing, always innovating, always on the lookout for the brightest new ideas on the horizon, we always stay true to our human-focus approach as we march ahead.

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is to bring the business community together for inspiration, co-creation, exchange of ideas, and a commitment to action. With our content & research, our proprietary technology and our digital offerings we aim to provide a multidimensional access to trigger a solution-oriented mindset, a mindset of experimentation, peer exchange, and personal commitment to business success.

1/3 | Proprietary platforms

A learning platform for leaders passionate about people & work, Sandbox draws together carefully-curated experimentative opportunities and exclusive sessions under one corporate membership.

Community-based and transformation-oriented, Sandbox invites internationally-renowned leaders and their teams from across the globe to learn together in the longer term and find ways to address the most urgent challenges of our time.

2/3 | Proprietary platforms

A daily dose of opinions, insights, analysis & news from the world of People & Work, the Sphere app brings you the need-to-know stories, curated to your interests and sent directly to your mobile 5 times a week.

3/3 | Proprietary platforms

People Matters Cohort is an intense but flexible journey aimed at problem-solving. Working in collaboration, you and your peers will truly test how much can be solved in a compact period of time. United by a common passion, you’ll leave the Cohort with scalable solutions, exclusive insights and valuable takeaways you won’t find anywhere else.


In Business-As-Unusual, there is no convenient playbook to follow, there are no experts to guide us, there are no tried-and-tested methods. We are entirely reliant on our ingenuity, creativity, and resilience. “Bouncing back” is not an option. We must Bounce Forwards. At People Matters, we encourage and empower our community to be brave, to try new things, to learn along the way and to find answers.


No matter where it takes place, People Matters TechHR has always been crafted as a unique experience. This was true in the physical world, and will be even more true now as we enter this disrupted and hyper-digital age.

More journey of discovery than online conference, People Matters TechHR brings together leaders and experts at the forefront of our new horizon. Adaptable and immersive, People Matters TechHR is the perfect space to meet your peers, redefine distinctiveness and build business value for our organizations and our industry.


People Matters research is central to our product development across platforms. People & Work is transforming at a tremendous pace and our community needs context, clarity and inputs for decision making today more than ever before. Our research aims to bring benchmarking, practical insights and recommendations to our community to resolve current challenges and to define future practices.

Brand Reachout & Digital Marketing

In an increasingly virtual working world, digital campaigns need to reach as broad an audience as possible. Drawing on People Matters’ extensive global network, our digital services offer results-driven advice and planning for brands and their campaigns. These impact-boosting services will create momentum, ensuring the right work is seen by the right people." FOR "In an increasingly virtual working world, digital channels are incredibly effective to engage, connect and build the right brand positioning. Drawing on People Matters’ extensive global network and rich content expertise, our digital marketing products offer a boost for brands to connect with the right audience.

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